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We’re a team of marketers, developers and project managers with a track record of running successful experiences for major brands and a mission to apply the science of artificial intelligence to improve the effectiveness of every campaign.

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A successful event relies reaching all the right people, optimising their experience and gathering valuable insights from every interaction.
With interax.ai you can optimise each element for a measurably better performance.

Attract all the right people

  • Using machines to understand audience and motivations
  • Wide variety of data sources
  • Machine learning to draw out individualised invitations
  • Optimise the channel / language / messaging / offer
  • To reach and attract your key target individuals

More impactful engagement

  • Match the individual with the most appropriate content
  • Create unique experiences for every visitor
  • Use of conversational ai
  • Immediately shareable
  • Focused around driving the next best action
  • Linked to customer journey

More insightful analysis

  • Dashboard of all key metrics
  • Testing and optimization
  • Link into CRM system
  • More actionable insights
  • Seamless link into customer journey planning

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